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1. You Too Can Study More Easily:

Tips for Dummies and Others

(An eBook or in PDF format)

1. How to Increase Motivation and tackle procrastination

2. Improve Your Marks in Exams: the Meaning of Commonly Used Words

3. Ten Top Tips for Revising for Exams

4. How to do Better with Data Response Questions

5. Advice for Mature Students

6. Tips for Doing Research

7. A free sample from the book Going to University: the Secrets of Success

2.  Free Economics Notes

(An eBook or in PDF format)

1. “An Introduction to Economics in 5,000 Words and a Bit”

2. “Business Cycles, Recessions and Economic Booms”

3. “Demand, Supply and Elasticity Diagrams”

4.“Trying to Make Sense of Economic Policy - Part 1: What Do Governments Try to Do?”

5. “Trying to Make Sense of Economic Policy - Part 2: Why is it so Difficult to Get it Right?”

6. A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the market”  (the price mechanism)

3.  An Introduction to Economics

Currently this is only in PDF format and because it is large it comes as a zip file


1. The Most Important Elements in Japanese Culture

2. How to Relax

3. Advice for Mature Students

4. An Introduction to Economics in 5,000 Words and a Bit

5. Business cycles recessions and economic booms

6. Some Advice for Tackling Data Response Questions

7. The Difference Between Economic Growth and Economic Development

8. Exams - Preparation and Revising

9.  Improve Your Marks in Essays and Exams: the Meaning of Commonly Used Words

10. China in Brief to the End of the Twentieth Century


1. Japan: National pride, conformity, the class system

and industrialisation

2. Japan: Attitudes towards failure, the generation gap,

and the work ethic

3. Japan: Appearance v. reality, memory and the event,

& spirits and demons

4. Japan: Symbolism and beliefs: real creatures

5. The significance of butterflies in Chinese culture


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1. Procrastination, Motivation and You, July 2014, an eBook, Kindle (with “Look Inside)

or Smashwords  (with sample download), $2.99  or the equivalent in other currencies. VAT or

sales tax may be  put on top in some countries. In the last words of Ned Kelly  “Such is life!”

New Book!

2. China and the Open Door Policy, first published 1989 as a paperback - republished as a

Kindle Edition 2011.  (currently around $9.75 or £6.55)

3. Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture, Boson Books, 2002, paperback and Kindle  (around

$10.37 or £6.66)

4. Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture, Boson Books, 2006, paperback and Kindle.

(around $10.46  or £6.72)

5. Going to University: the Secrets of Success,Kewei Press, 2009,  paperback (around £9.95)

and Kindle (around £3)

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