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As a student first you have to get to university and then to adjust quickly so that you can both enjoy and succeed in your fantastic new life. Here is a non-free book that can help.

Around £9.95 in paperback or £3.09 as a Kindle

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Is it worth going to university? It certainly is! Distance learning courses can be good, just like home learning, but the social life at uni is far better. You will make many new friends, establish contacts for the future, start the process of getting into theatre, music, sports or journalism and have a fantastic time. Dare I say you’ll get away from your parents for a bit, as well as widen your experiences and grow up  just a little more? And the degree means you will get a better job at the end of it.

Now in the 5th form? 6th form? Or earlier? Whatever year you are in or course you are on, this book will improve your chances of getting into the first on the list of universities you really want to attend. Then after you are accepted and get to uni, this book will help you to settle down quickly, adjust to the new great life, and do well―as you enjoy yourself for three exciting years before getting that university degree.

Just how can this book Going to University help me?

It can improve your results at school and university in lots of ways by:

Going to University:

the Secrets of Success

by Kevin Bucknall, BSc(Econ), PhD

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Pugwash News , Portsmouth’s Official Student Newspaper

“When I was given this book, I thought that it would be another boring book; but how wrong I was! This book is not a book that provides you with details about university life. It is an interactive book that acts as a guide to every student covering aspects like studies, finances; night life and accommodation, just to name a few. In fact, the title of this book pretty much says it all; it portrays a student’s life (with lots of introspection from the author) and how to make the most out of university life.... (Nandini Indiran) Read Full Review

5.0 out of 5 stars:  Student review

“It is jam-packed with useful hints and tips to make not just study easier and more enjoyable, but the whole uni experience. It is simply written and also quite funny which aids readability.

I think it's invaluable for anyone thinking about going to uni, enrolling in uni, or already at uni. I highly recommend it.”

(Michael Bower,  student, Amazon.co.uk)

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5.0 out of 5 stars  A fresher's handbook

“...Although aimed at first year students and written in a light and lively manner, the book ends with advice on motivation, brainstorming, team-work and presentations; all necessary for second and third year undergraduates and the wider world beyond university. Unreservedly recommended.” (Fascinated Reader - Durham, UK, Amazon.co.uk)

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4.0 out of 5 stars  “Great for students going straight from college

It is a good book... It has parts about student living, how to plan your finances and get by on a budget. Also a good part on how to get over the 'OMG this is a whole different world' feeling you get when you actually walk into the place (we've all been there) a book I wish I had at 18.”  (Aisha V. Shawcross, Amazon.co.uk)

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Richard Benstead finds out about how to be a success at university...

...Bucknall’s book, written with the aim of offering a brief guide to those about to arrive at university (including the often ignored mature student), explains the fundamental issues each student is likely to face at university - be it when searching for suitable accommodation or when delivering the inevitable end of term essay(s).”  (Richard Benstead, student, Durham University)

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1. A free eBook to help you study better:You Too Can Study More Easily: Tips for Dummies and Others

Chapter 1 How to Increase Motivation and tackle procrastination

Chapter 2 Improve Your Marks in Exams: the Meaning of Commonly Used Words

Chapter 3 Ten Top Tips for Revising for Exams

Chapter 4 How to do Better with Data Response Questions

Chapter 5 Advice for Mature Students

Chapter 6 Tips for Doing Research

Chapter 7 A free sample from the book Going to University: the Secrets of Success

You can download as an eBook,  PDF file, Kindle version or Palm reading device

2. A free economics book: An Introduction to Economics

This is in PDF format but because it is large it comes as a zip file

3. A free eBook: Free Economics Notes

  1. “An Introduction to Economics in 5,000 Words and a Bit”
  1. “Business Cycles, Recessions and Economic Booms”
  2. “Demand, Supply and Elasticity Diagrams”
  3. “Trying to Make Sense of Economic Policy - Part 1: What Do Governments Try to Do?”
  4. “Trying to Make Sense of Economic Policy - Part 2: Why is it so Difficult to Get it Right?”
  5. A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the market”  (price mechanism)

You can download as an eBook, PDF file, Kindle version or Palm reading device.

4. A free  article about Japan: “The Most Important Elements in Japanese Culture” (Click to open, then right click to “Save As…” on your computer or else print)

5. A free article “How to Relax(Mainly for students but anyone can benefit)

(Click to open, then right click to “Save as…” or else print it up)

6. Videos about Japanese Culture

A) Japan: National pride, conformity, the class system and industrialisation

This is the first of a series of videos looking at photographs, paintings and other works

of art from Japan, with an explanation of their significance and meaning in Japanese


B) Japan: Attitudes towards failure, the generation gap, and the work ethic

C) Japan: Appearance v. reality, memory and the event, & spirits and demons

D) Japan: Symbolism and beliefs: real creatures

7. Video about Chinese Culture

The significance of butterflies in Chinese culture

8. Free article China in Brief to the End of the Twentieth Century

9. More free articles

Some but not all of the content of the free articles below was incorporated into the two free eBooks above. To see the complete versions, or if you are only interested in selected topics, then you can download the articles individually:

a. Advice for Mature Students

b. An Introduction to Economics in 5,000 Words and a Bit

c. Business cycles recessions and economic booms

d. Data Response Advice

e. Economic Growth and Economic Development

f. Exams - Preparation and Revising

g. How to Increase Motivation and Tackle Procrastination

h. Improve Your Marks in Essays and Exams: the Meaning of Commonly Used Words

Some books that might interest you

The prices are indicative only as these are set by the retailer and foreign exchange rates may vary. You can “Look Inside” with all the Kindle versions.

1. China and the Open Door Policy, first published 1989 as a paperback - out of print in paperback but republished as a Kindle Edition 2011. Download or check out the Kindle version  (currently around $9.75 or £6.55)

2. Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture, Boson Books, 2002, paperback and Kindle. Download or check out the Kindle version (around $10.37 or £6.66)

3. Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture, Boson Books, 2006, paperback and Kindle. Download or check out the Kindle version (around $10.46  or £6.72)

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“Such is life!”

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Plate from the book The Cabinet of Oriental Entomology by J.O. Westwood (1848)